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Simplify and speed up your datacenter project

Plug & play datacenters

Ten years of research and development allowed us to design an optimal solution, adopted and deployed by many government organizations and prestigious companies.

Setting up an IT-Box means choosing a quick solution, easy to implement and adapted to the security and performance issues of your IT infrastructures and network.


A modular datacenter cooled down using water from Lake Geneva:

Case Study


A turnkey datacenter

In one or more containers, IT-Box is a modular datacenter designed to meet specific needs. Our IT-Box solutions are suitable for each of the following situations:

  • Lack of space dedicated to the IT infrastructure
  • Difficulty anticipating the evolution of needs and infrastructures
  • Needing a temporary solution before moving
  • Restricted deployment times
  • Searching for solutions for a business continuity plan or disaster recovery plan
  • Difficult environment (industrial site, climatic constraints, reduced accessibility)


key figures:

Opting for an IT-Box is a fast and efficient alternative easy to implement and adapted to the performance and security challenges of your ICT infrastructure

hours of design by our specialized engineers

containerized Datacenters deployed

weeks average manufacturing and implementation time for a turnkey containerized Datacenter

A tailor-made and scalable offer

All of our offers meet the following requirements:

  • Modular, agile and scalable infrastructure
  • Optimal availability
  • Density and energy efficiency
  • Short-term operational solution
  • Reduced costs of implementation and operation
  • Integrated DCIM
  • Discover our custom-built and ready-to-use containerised datacentres

See the datacenters

An effective solution in différent contexts

IT-Box is a solution adapted to different contexts:

  • Evolution of your company
  • Need for mobile infrastructure
  • In case of reconstruction or renovationLack of space
  • Shortened delivery times
  • Needing a temporary solution when moving
  • Installation in sensitive area (such as mining industries or deserts)

A wide range to meet every customer need

Module-IT offers a wide range of datacenters in containers:

All-in-one it-Box

The All-in-One range offers different versions of a turnkey IT-Box. Each model is designed to meet multiple customer needs in terms of the number of racks, energy performance, and level of security required by the customer.

Entirely designed, manufactured and tested in our premises in Nantes, an All-in-One IT-Box is ready for use only 48 hours after delivery to the customer site.

datacenter container box
datacenter container box

M-Class it-Box

The IT-Box range is designed for large scale datacenters. The M-Class IT-Box is an operational solution that helps you grow your business.

It is no longer necessary to anticipate and buy in advance a too-big datacenter, often expensive and useless. Our solutions, scalable, meet your current needs and adapt to the evolution of your business.

fabrication datacenter
construction de datacenter

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