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Structure & finishing work

Module-IT is proud of its coordination of structure work, finishing work, roads and other infrastructure operations in partnership with professionals within the building and public work sector.

Designed datacenter

Design: the design of technical channels and Datacenter urbanization is the crucial step for the project:

  • Perfectly responds to the functional need expressed by the client
  • Supports the expected levels of availability and scalability
  • Promotes high energy efficiency
  • Provides the appropriate level of security

Module- it uses its Internal Design Office for:

  • Assist, if necessary, the client in the expression of his functional needs
  • Make the appropriate architectural choices (Levels of Tiering ” especially
  • Define the structuring technical bricks (cold technologies for example
  • Architect the solution for traditional solutions (IT-Build) or containers (IT-Box)

Thus, very quickly after the beginning of the reflections with the client, we present the principles of design, the technical architectures, the visuals of the solution and a first budgetary approach. 2 Module-IT resources are ATD accredited by the Uptime Institute.


Civil work & finishing work

Co-ordination of structural, finishing and roadwork operations and various networks (VRD) in partnership with the main actors of building and public works.

As needed, we work with architects and specialized design office.

In the design of our Datacenters, we promote rapid deployment and physical security of data. These drivers are of great importance in the choice of the constructive modes and the partners chosen to deploy them.

Electrical engineering

We deliver the electrical transit, the HV/LV transformer installation, the electrical HV/LV connexion and the implementation of emergency facilities (power generator).

Our teams (with two engineers certified by the Uptime Institute) ensure that the consistency of this technical chain is integrated with the functionals needs of our customers. From high voltage to terminal distribution in the racks, we assimilate the best components from industrial leaders in their markets.

Cooling engineering

Cooling engineering is at the intersection of availability, energy efficiency and scalability of infrastructure that will host several generations of equipment. The design of our datacenters closely follows the ASHRAE recommendations that is a reference in this field.

Our challenge is to constantly improve the efficiency of this technical chain without compromising the operator’s availability and comfort. We also ensure that this chain does not generate excessive difficulties in its maintenance. As for electrical engineering, our teams ensure the consistency of this critical technical chain with the functional needs expressed by our customers.

See our references for the implementation of direct, indirect or geothermal free-cooling solutions.

See the case study

Urbanization & optimization

The urbanization component of Module-IT concerns all of the infrastructures which are in the computer hosting rooms, which are:

  • Computer racks
  • Thermal confinement (cold or hot)
  • Electrical distribution
  • Distribution of low currents and fibers
  • Air conditioning exchanger (shelf or InRow)
  • Technical floor

The optimization of this urbanization during the design of the datacenter or its renovation allows for:

  • The improvement of performance by optimizing the energy efficiency of the air conditioning mode
  • The optimization of the reception capacity, both in number of U (bays) and density per bay (kW/m²)
  • Making IT operations more efficient and secure through good distribution of strong and weak currents
  • The prediction of future development and technological evolution.

Securing & alert management

Module-IT also ensures the implementation of supervision tools, alert management, building access control and protection against fire risks.

Securing applies to all external events that could endanger the security of data and processing. The first element of security is good supervision and feedback on what is happening in the datacenter. Thus, the implementation of a DCIM and a GTC seem to us to be unavoidable elements. The main building blocks of security concern:

  • Perimeter access security
  • Video surveillance
  • Automatic detection and extinguishing of fire
  • Rights management inside the IT host
  • Physical partitions.

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