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A team of experts at your service

A team of experts at your service

Turnkey data centers design and implementation

The aim of Module-IT is the implementation of data centers and IT rooms. Founded and managed by two former employees of Accenture and IBM, Module-IT targets the IT system Department of its customers.

Based on our strong experience in the information system field, we transform the functional needs of our customers (strength, availability, upgradability) into technical components, resulting in the formation of a whole and scalable product with high availability. This design activity is the heart of Module-IT activity; Our commitment is totally devoted to turnkey installations.

This hyper specialization in design and in turnkey’s data centers implementations allows our Module-IT terms to deliver – in short deadlines – an optimized data center or IT room for:

  • High availability
  • Easy exploitation
  • Strong upgradability
  • High energy efficiency


Some Interisting

We are proud of the trust placed by prestigious French and international companies in building their Datacenter

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Datacenters completed

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Our concept

Every business has different needs in terms of data hosting and data treatment. The capacity, the criticality, and the evolution quantitative (higher or lower), the constraints of the physical sites, the architecture of the red and the job environment are parameters that can have influence.

But, do you always have to rethink the whole solution and start from scratch?

Technical modularity of components allows for the acceleration and security of the implementation of our solutions. Our design activity integrates – since the very beginning -this notion of modularity which gave the name of our organisation.

Module-IT applies this notion of scalability for all its activities regarding data center design. This allows for:

  • A reduction in the time of conception and the implementation deadlines of turnkey solutions;
  • A reduction of all risks that link to the project deploying controlled technical items;
  • A reduction of the solution’s costs.

Our solutions are divided into two categories, available for purchase or rent:

  • it-Build projects: implementation of “classical” data centers;
  • it-Box products :design and manufacturing of containerized data centers.

In both cases, Module-IT will expertly offer a turnkey solution that perfectly meets its customer’s needs.



Our Fantastic Team


After resolving IT issues for 15 years for IBM and Bull, Renaud decided to create Module-IT in 2009. With this company, he designed more than 50 data centers for major customers.


15 years working for Accenture and IBM allowed Bertrand to understand the strategic issues of IT for a company. Bertrand founded Module-IT and designed more than 60 data centers in France and abroad.


After becoming an expert in telecommunication and in IT systems thanks to his work in Alcatel for 20 years, and then for Accenture, Thierry joined Module-IT to pilot and develop our agencies in Lyon and Switzerland.


As an international business development professional with 10 years’ experience as IT Director for a large French group, Ali understands the needs of clients and plays the role of interface to faithfully transmit operational needs from customers to our engineers.


After her Bouygues telecom experience, Amandine heard about a job opportunity in Module-IT. Because she was in the administrative and business industry for four years, she is a real mediator between customers and suppliers.


An engineer from the Arts et Métiers School, with ten years’ experience working for IBM, Rodolphe is, now for more than 6 years, manager of IT-Boxes (containerized data centers) with more than 35 projects delivered.


Frédéric worked in the mechanical industry as a mechanical and material engineer. He has been working for Module-IT since August 2017 as a project and supervision leader.


Julien graduated in cooling engineering and joined Module-IT 5 years ago. He has been responsible for more than 20 projects of data center construction in Lyon.


Vincent has been working for 7 months for Module-IT and comes from a cooling engineering background. Today, he is manager of the construction and implementation of the cooling chain.

Our partners:

Our partners allow us to maintain an important level of flexibility and to offer our customers the latest equipment and specialists in their respective fields.

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